5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Bedroom

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We realize that the master bedroom ought to be a peaceful space where one can relax during the most loved time of day — sleep time. For absence of motivation, lack of budget or time, it regularly turns into the least fancy and messiest room in the house. Given that it’s the season of celebrations and love, it’s an ideal opportunity to put a little time into rolling out some fancy improvements.

Bling it

Blended extras in gold, silver or copper mix shimmer, and mirrors can give a glamorous blingy effect to your room. Having mirrors as wall hangings or even as Headboard Dubai can light up the space and give a sense of extra space.

If you have time, color wash

The one important tip ant designer would give is to color wash your room, even if there is just one old looking wall. Go for calming and relaxing shades like turquoise, blue, green or single tone off white shades. Mix up different colors with linen, wall hangings, rugs and even bed headboards.

Fix the window treatments

Heavy window treatments are giving out way to thick, flowing light blocking drapery designs. This contrasting combination has the ability to block out sunlight when necessary and to let it flow in when desired. Don’t stress much over getting window treatments that blend in well with other parts of the house. The master bedroom can afford to have window treatments and décor that wouldn’t necessarily match the rest of the house.

De-clutter the mess

Another unanimous designer tip would be to get rid of all unnecessary things. You wouldn’t want to walk in to a messy cluttered room after a long exhausting day in office. The old way of having tabletops and shelves to stack all your keepsakes is a complete no under new design trends.

Have some seating space

If you have enough space, make a seating area where you can enjoy your morning coffee, have breakfast on bed in a lazy Saturday morning or even read a book in the night with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Doubt you would ever use it? Once you have it you will use it.

Invest in fitting furniture

At some point or another we all have brought over-sized secondhand furniture for our new apartments. The truth is fitting that piece of oversized sofa or the elegant bed inside your tiny apartment is more stressing that having to get rid of it. So before you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on large furniture, make sure that it can fit in comfortably with your limited space.