A University Student’s Guide To Essential Appliances In The Kitchen

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Every University student has to go through this especially if you opt for off campus accommodation. it’s all part of the great a university experience and part of growing up. Now that you are becoming an adult, all the responsibilities also come along with it. This includes working on a budget, studying and doing a part time job, maintaining your living quarters and shopping for the household which includes buying appliances. So we give the basics you will need to keep yourself fed during the school term.
One of the main kitchen appliances you will need is a stove or a hot plate. You will just need a basic set up of one ring of either. A hot plate is safer than a stove so a portable hotplate is the best. This is if your rental does not come with one. If it does, then that should do fine. You may think that you won’t cook, but trust me, you will need it, whether it be for boiling vegetables or making ramen, heat will be needed.
Next a refrigerator- you will need some sort of kitchen appliance that will keep food fresh because leftovers will become your best friend. Whether it be day old pizza or the leftover Chinese takeout, it will be eaten at a later date. You don’t need to buy a large scale two door one with all those extras but a basic one will be needed for your survival.
In university students live on toast. Whether it be breakfast or midnight snack, it is always there. So a toaster will be useful, a simple two slice pop up toaster will do. No need for all those posh four or more slotted ones with a million setting. Toast is just heated bread, so if it heats the bread, it will do.
Next, this might be considered not a necessity, but at the end of the day, toast and instant noodles will not be enough, you will actually want to eat fruits and vegetables. You will like to have smoothies and soups, so for this a hand held mixer is always a good investment. It can be used for sauces and baking, which you will do at some point. This may sound like something that will not be useful and might sound like a waste of money but take it from people who’ve gone through all this, you will need it. So there you have it, these are basics you will need to keep yourself fed while at school.