Do Not Miss The Magnificent Desert Camps When In Dubai

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Well, who does not want to have a fun vacation in Dubai? The moment anyone hears about Dubai, there is one thing that crops up in their mind for sure, and that is, it’s colossal and luxurious buildings, the city’s fast paced lifestyle, the rich avant-garde towers and not to forget the beautiful and exotic shopping centers. Visit this link for an online booking and reservation for morning desert safari trip.
Dubai is undoubtedly a grand city and has been known to be the playing field for the rich. The city is beautifully decorated even though it is positioned amidst a desert, well yes, you sure can expect the temperatures to rise up during the day. You must however not miss the best desert safari tours that Dubai offers as they are truly one of a kind. You can travel to UAE in between October and April as during these times, the temperature tends to be less humid and warm and visitors will be able to take part in enlivening and entertaining-filled outdoor activities.
When in Dubai here are few of the things you simply cannot miss:
Enjoy camping in the world’s safari tours:
If you are ready for a thrilling desert safari in Dubai expedition, you must not miss the chance to camp in the desert as the desert does offer a good number of campsites with almost all of the required facilities. Just like the Dubai’s locals, all that you would need to do is, rent a 4×4, throw all the gars that you need and well move out to the nearby set of dunes. In a couple of hours of the best desert safari you will be outside the city and can easily set up camp in the sand dunes and set up for a barbeque party right under the magnificent and gigantic starry desert sky. You can explore mountains and wadi beds if you wish to and in the next day, enjoy playing the sand dune spots with your friends and family such as sand boarding.
Visiting Dubai and missing out n its architectural marvels is something that is not possible at all. You must visit Burj Al Arab, the tallest building of the world, the islands shaped that has been shaped as the map of the world and well enormous palm trees to enjoy. Well, one of the best ways to enjoy all of this is by jumping out of a Cessna and hurtle towards them at a very high speed. When in Dubai you simply cannot skip out a Sky Diving trip or if you want like the other jumpers, get an instructor, take off from Dubai Marina, get well strapped and jump off from the plane right above Palm Jumeriah. The thrill, adrenaline rushes and anticipation of watching Dubai in just a matter of few seconds is amazing and something worth experiencing.