Floor Cleansing Tips & Tricks

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Hardwood Flooring
Wooden flooring is not a very hard thing to maintain. It may need regular moping with disinfectant in order to remove any dirt or bacteria but isn’t much of a hassle. Old wooden flooring, however, can be a bit tough to clean. Once you are done with the moping, the old scratches left behind can be a little annoying to look at. Experts suggest that a little vinegar and olive oil rubbed into the scratched areas of the hardwood floor can help treat it. Link here http://www.goodandwellservices.com/ to gain ideas about cleaning companies that are firmly committed to providing top-notch services to all clients.
The best thing about linoleum floors are that it is resilient and easy to clean. However, this too needs proper care and maintenance. Water is the best scrubbing solution you can use to clean linoleum floors, as products with chemicals and acidity can cause damage to the surface or discolor the flooring.
Removing scratches and burns on linoleum can be a bit of a bother. So in those cases, it is advisable to seek help from a floor washing specialist.
Another important tip for maintaining linoleum flooring would be to wax it once or a couple of times a year. Buy a wax solution for linoleum floors and follow the instructions on the product. Waxing your floor will make it look more attractive and a fresh finish.
Carpets are quite hard to maintain apart from the basic vacuuming to remove dirt and dust. There are a variety of bleaching solutions and carpet cleaning detergents in the market today, but sometimes they are not very effective.
Removing stains from rugs have always been a problem for most people. Mat stains may look ugly when left unattended. However, there are several tried and tested methods for removing mat spots and stains using the daily drug store products.
One of these do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods is to iron the stains out. It suggests spraying some glass washing solution on the rug stain cover with a towel and iron. It helps remove the dirt, although not very effective, it does some good.
Marble Flooring
Washing marble floors is a complicated chore compared to cleaning other regular surfaces. Since marble is very sensitive and requires extra care, only the right scrubbing solutions and methods can do wonders. People who usually have homes with marble flooring tend to hire experts to do the job rather than taking care of it on their own.
Experts suggest avoiding any acidic scrubbing solutions while washing marble floors. It is best to seek help when choosing the right washing solution. Once you have purchased the solution, remember to do regular mopping with the solution and some water. In order to finish off the washing process of marble floors, polishing and adding sealant are recommended as well.