How Teaching Was Done Those Days

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The history tells us that teaching and learning looked a lot different than now a few many centuries ago. It was the child who decided what he or she needs to learn and there were no such limitations call subjects. There were positives and negatives in this although there were freedom of choice. Children got educated by exploring and observing things like how their elders use to do things and by looking at the nature. As a result people became clans because they knew to do only one thing by profession and that gave them an identification which we call as a clan i.e. blacksmith clan, farming clan etc.
Types of teaching Institutions
Later on world moved forward and clan education became institutions and a little bit more standardized. People understood that there were essential things that every child should learn and if a child does not obtain the standardized knowledge they were labelled as “uneducated”. Therefore came the rise of teaching as a profession where things like boarding school, home schooling in Dubai, private tuition etc. had its rise. It later on grew up to a mandatory law whereas a child was supposed to attend teaching institution until they become adults.
Is this teaching System Effective?
When it comes to the effectiveness of the teaching system that we currently have compared to the one we had back in the day, there can be two sides to it which is the good side and the bad side. Good side is that every child will reach the standardized level of knowledge which means every person is civilised and knowledgeable at least to a required extent by the society in order to live with each other. The bad side is that all children are limited to one level where the exceptional children who could make a difference in the world might be lost within this system where as back in the day it was different.
The Popular Ones
The popularity of teaching institutions varied with the change of time. Boarding schools were the most popular in 1870s where children use to remain in the premises as a boarder and go back home at the end of the week or end of the month. It was also known as resident schools. Home schooling was well popular in the USA and UK since the 1970s where a teacher use to visit home and teach every day instead of children. Then came the rise of day schools and remained popular to the date where students use to go to school in the morning and come home by evening.
This is the history of our education system although we just wake up in the morning and go to school for so many years and never bother to find out why we do this. Well, not just us, everyone has been doing this from back in the day as well so it’s nothing new to the world.