Jumeiraah Lake Tower Free Zone

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The Jumeiraah Lake Tower Free Zone has been one of the biggest and fastest growing free zone initiatives in all of Dubai. In total it measures two hundred hectares and consists of freehold as well as leasing opportunities. It comprises of three towers surrounding four huge lakes that consists of sea water which is brought in from the Gulf.

The Dubai Multi Commodity Center also known as the DMCC has been a free zone specialist for Jumeiraah Lake Tower Free Zone and is a strategic inventiveness founded in 2002 by government of this Dubai intended to boost business currents across the United Arab Emirates. Officially known as the biggest and fastest developing Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Multi Commodity Centre has been located in a convenient location and allows its customers to take advantage of its structured framework. The government of this country is committed to establishing Dubai as an international gateway for trade of merchandise. The executive chairman is of the Dubai Multi Commodity Center is Mr. Ahamed Bin Sulayem.

Every year over two thousand companies join the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre. To do business in the location, companies and employees need to obtain what is known as a Dubai Multi Commodities Centre visa or a DMCC visa.

There is rising demand for the companies for the Jumeiraah Lake Tower Free Zone with it recording two thousand and thirty three companies in two thousand and twelve, and one thousand two hundred and seventy in the first six months of two thousand and thirteen, thirty percent high than the first six months of the previous year. At present there are over sixty five thousand people living and carrying out business in the Jumeiraah Lake Tower Free Zone. Business advisers can usually help companies through the procedure of acquiring a DMCC visa.

The Jumeiraah Lake Tower Free Zone is located at the center of Dubai and this is one and quarter hours distance from Abu Dhabi. Additionally, it is located within thirty minutes from the two main airports in Dubai. Furthermore the The Jumeiraah Lake Tower Free Zone is also accessible by metro as it is situated near two metro stations, Dubai marina and Jumeiraah Lake Tower Free Zone.

The Dubai Multi Commodity Centre delivers visa, registers and grants permits to companies and other administration services and also helps new companies to gain significant services needed to inaugurate their establishments in Dubai.

Large international organizations and small businesses alike in the commodities sector have made the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Free Zone their site of business.