Modes Of Therapy

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Therapy is a method of medication, common and wildly used in the western countries to treat patients with physical and mental illness. At present this method is used not only to cure diseases but also for medications after recovery, if the patient is suffering from lingering effects.

When treating for physical illnesses, the most common method in Western medicine is chemotherapy or drug therapy. And in non-western traditions methods such as acupuncture and homeopathy are used to treat patients.

Methods of therapy is used not only for people with physical illnesses but convalescents, deaf mutes or blind people, emotionally disturbed people, alcoholics, criminals and disables seek the help therapy methods. For instance in a Dubai rehabilitation center for disabled these therapy methods could be used to develop positive thinking and skills to provide them with a more contributing and fulfilling life. The following therapy methods are used commonly for the individuals with these kinds of issues.

The method of Occupational therapy.

This is a method of rehabilitative therapy is done using the activities of everyday living to help people with physical and mental disabilities. This is one of the best therapy methods to use in a rehabilitation center for disabled. This method helps them to gain and achieve the maximum functioning and independence. This method is mostly used on people who are with birth defects, diseased drug or alcohol abused or people who faced accidents.The method of Physical therapy.

This method is used to prevent malfunction and deformity for the patients with a disability, disease or an injury. This therapy method minimizes the residual physical disability and contributes towards the comfort and well-being of the patient. This type of therapy methods is best suitable for the patients with neurological, vascular and respiratory problems.

The method of Psychotherapy.

This is used to treat patients with emotional, behavioral problems or mental illness. In this method the patient discusses their problems with a professional therapist who is well experienced and educated about the subject. Through the therapist, the patient can get help with regard to the problem and can seek help regarding the issues with distress behaviour, feelings and thoughts. This is a popular method among people to solve personal issues like depression, anxiety and alcoholic problems.

Method of Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is the method of preparing individuals with physical, sensory, emotional or other disabilities for employment, to cope with their environment and to function independently and ethically as possible. This kind of therapy helps an individual to cope with the changes that have occurred and to develop their positive thinking.