Stop Weight Gain during Festive Seasons – Experts’ View

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At present, appearance is a factor that majority of the individuals worry about. Hence, some would use cosmetics to hide away scars and blemishes. On the other hand, those who are thin would start diets to gain weight. The problem, however, that most people face is overweight, due to many reasons. So, coming back to the topic, all of us are into the festive season. There would be so many sweets, courses and lots of other delicacies you would be munching away. If you are on a fitness regime, you might want to pause and think before you eat something that has a lot of calories.
Well, does it really have to be this way? If you aren’t careful, you might put on more pounds, which you exercised to lose. Lots of sugary and starchy food would not only increase your weight, but also damage your healthy immune system. However, you don’t have to be sad about it. Here are some tips to avoid gaining weight this festive season:
Stop talking while eating
When you are busy chit chatting away with family and friends, you don’t realize that you have munched a lot of food. The distraction is a reason that, stops you from monitoring what you are eating. For that reason, you would hear a nutritionist in Dubai coach asking you not to talk, while you are eating. Hence, avoid chatting away while you are having sugary, starchy and oily food at gatherings during festivities.
Serving a plate with healthy and foods of your choice
Another point that these coaches mention is about the plate that you serve. When you are picking food to eat, you should follow the half plate rule. That is you serve a plate is balanced with healthy and nutritious food and any other food that you love having (such as foods with sugar). As a fact, you are eating healthy and also enjoying a sweat touch to your palate.
Serve a small portion
If you are really concerned about gaining weight this is another point that a nutritionist coach highlights. How could you track the amount of food that you consume, when you go for gatherings? The best way to enjoy a meal but within the limits is to serve the food in a small plate. Moreover, if you want to refill then go another around and not more than that.
You don’t have to miss out eating foods at a family or friend’s gathering. What are you waiting for? Dig in to the dishes keeping the above facts and intensions in mind. Avoid gaining more pounds, maintain weight without missing out on the delicacies this festive season.