The Best Talent Shows Over The World

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Talent shows are now a great way for artists to gain recognition in the professional industry. There are various types of talent shows that aid artists in presenting different sets of skills. A panel of people that are the prominent stars in the relevant career judges their skills. Talent shows are now part of the television culture and can be recognized as a separate genre that is rather lucrative. Here is some of the top rated talent shows across the world.

The apprentice

As the name suggests, this American reality show seeks someone to run one of Donald Trump’s companies. A total of thirteen seasons have been aired to date. The winner of every season will receive over two hundred thousand dollars in addition to having the opportunity to run one of America’s most well known businessman’s companies. A total of sixteen or eighteen contestants will be selected. If any of the contestants do not make it, Donald Trump himself will tell them the phrase, “you are fired”.

Dancing with the stars

This show has a variety of people from different careers such as actors, comedians and models. A voice over artist in Dubai had also starred in one of the fourteen seasons that have aired. Each contestant or couple is assigned a professional choreographer and they have to perform for the judges every week. The couple that gets the lowest score will be eliminated. It is not only the couple’s scores that count. The host country gets to vote on their favorite couple or the couple that performed best.

America’s Got Talent

This is one of the shows that portray a diversity of talents. It is also part of the Britain’s Got Talent franchise. The panel of judges will hold auditions in different cities and anyone and everyone who thinks they have a great talent that America needs to see, can take part in the auditions. You could be a gymnast, a singer, a painter, or even a magician. Your nationality does not matter either. You could even be a British voice over artist. The winning prize money is one million dollars. Visit  for more information about translation services.

The X-factor

The British franchise, X-factor is exclusive to those in the music industry and specifically singers. There are various stages of the competition starting from auditions to boot camp and finally the judges’ arena. Every contestant that comes through to the final stages of the competition will be paired with a judge, whom the contestants will select at their will. Then they will be trained by the judges to perform live, which is when America will cast their votes.