The Unstoppable Team Manchester United

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For all you die-hard loyal fans out there, probably know these like the back of their hands, some may not. However here’s a compiled detailed list on how the famous Manchester United success timeline.The 1900’s
Started off as Newton Heath and later changed to Manchester United club, bought success for the team as they were able to successfully achieve the Championship League award and claim winners of the charity shield in the year 1908. Man Utd football tickets increased in demand the next following year of 1909 as the club was pinned as success when they were titled as winners against Bristol City for the Football Association Challenge Cup. 1910 was the year when Manchester United became winners for the second consecutive time for Championship League and Charity Shield winners against Swindon Town. This is also the year when the club managed to make the Old Trafford as their new home and secured a game in the month of February of the same year.
The 1940’s
Fans were unstoppable in purchasing Man United football tickets after the Second World War when the club transformed into a powerful force which was triggered by the leadership of Matt Busby. The club was once again successful in claiming victory over the Football Association challenge cup in the year 1948 against Blackpool, played at the famous Wembley Stadium.
The 1950’s
1952 became the year when Manchester United was successful to be winners of Championship League awards after been runners up consecutively in the previous 3 years. Following the Charity shield award was claimed against Newcastle United. The same success was followed once again in the year 1956 and followed on to the year 1957.
The 1960’s
After the dreaded event of the Munich Air disaster in the year 1958, the club was seen victorious of the Football Association Challenge cup and two years later, Manager Busby was able to bring the force back into the team by winning the Championship League award in 1965 and became to share the Charity Shield with Liverpool. 1967 was the year when the club acquired their seventh title on the Championship League and shared the Charity Shield with Tottenham Hotspur. 1968 was significant as the club was able to claim victory for the first time in the European Cup at the Wembley Stadium.
The 1980’s
The year when the club was appointed with a new manager namely Sir Alex Ferguson in the year 1986. Prior to that, the club was able to bring back the Football Association Challenge cup back home after defeating Brighton City and also beat Liverpool on the Charity Shield. The year 1985 the club secured their sixth successive FA cup victory by playing against Everton. Since then, the club has been an unstoppable fans with loyal fans around the world, who wouldn’t miss to see them playing even if it is the last thing left to do on this planet!