Things To Consider When Transferring Colleges

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If you are an undergraduate student (this process is not recommended for graduate students) who is interested in transferring from the current college to a new one this article is for you. No matter what your reason is, transferring schools is a big decision that needs rethinking once or twice and also opinions from different people as it could potentially impede your studies. So here are some things to consider and think about if you are looking for a new university to call home.

#1 Which school and why

Depending on your reasoning for abandoning the current school to go for a new one (friends, family, location, reputation and degree) you must still consider your budget when doing so. Student loans can be accepted in one school while it could be a different situation in another school. So if you are not funding your degree then it is better that you read the information about the funding opportunities and loan schemes available in the new school.

#2 Map your outcome

If you would like to graduate from the university you are planning to transfer to then it is a good idea to talk to your current advisor and get a potential plan for graduation going. in most schools the advisor will help you make out a map with the courses that you require for graduation as well as which semester you should take them in. if you are planning on changing your major then it is better to talk to a professor from the department that your new interest is at to figure out how the classes should be spread apart during the semesters remaining to you.

#3 Make time to visit the new university

It is a good idea to plan a visit to the new school other than corresponding with relevant people through emails and phone calls. It will give you a good idea to see where you will be studying and what the environment of the new area is like and you can make a judgement of where it stands when compared to your current scenario. It is also a good opportunity to meet with future-teachers for your classes and talk to them on your plans and get their advice on feasibility.

#4 Packing, box and furniture storage

You will need to plan ahead about packing and moving so it is good idea to go during the fall semester as you will have time during summer vacation to do the moving process. If you have lots of items then going for box and furniture storage is a good idea if you plan on dragging out the moving process and cannot keep the items at the apartment.

Plan ahead and apply for scholarships at the new university as it will help out with the financials and make sure to get your check list made months prior.